Uncommon Curiosity - CME on Fetal Environment

Lighting of the Lamp

It was an experience uncommon

       A novel CME focused on an innovative theme “Synergy” unfurled its flag at Kochi on 5 December, 2010 under the aegis of Amma Scans – Centre for Diagnosis and Preventive Medicine, Kochi and Synergy Academy of Continuous Learning in association with Cochin Obstetrics and Gynaecological Society and Indian Academy of Paediatrics, Kochi.

       The area of deliberation at the CME was “Fetal Environment”.

       Prof.S.Ramaswamy, Dean of Institute of stem cell biology and regenerative medicine at the national centre for biological sciences, Bangalore inaugurated the CME.

       Dr.Arun Kinare, Professor and head of Department of Radiology and Imaging, KEM,Pune delivered the key note address.

       The Delegates and Faculties from different parts of the Country witnessed a fabulous event during the CME. Launch of an amazing and hitherto unknown miracle which we christened as “Synergy Fetal Medicine Forum”. A big leap by Amma Scans – Centre for Diagnosis and Preventive Medicine and Synergy Academy of Continuous Learning in Medical Science. An incredibly designed web site launched first time in the World. No parallels in the history for the concept and the execution. It’s a platform, truly novel, for the convergence of experts from different specialties of Medical Science.

       Dr.Sachidanada Kammath, President, IMA, Kochi launched the forum formally.

       From the Presidential Speech of Dr. Rijo Mathew, Chairman, Amma Scans – Centre for Diagnosis and Preventive Medicine, Kochi who was also the Chairman of the Organizing Committee of the CME.

       “I have great pleasure to be here as the chairman of the organizing committee of today’s CME on Fetal Environment. We have always considered academic activities as of equal or greater importance along with our schedules of diagnostic and interventional imaging works. We have never spared any opportunity that would culminate in an academic get together. Be it a small meeting of doctors of mutual interest or be a CME of this magnitude. It is our earnest effort to bring specialists from different specialties to focus on a particular subject on a common platform –it’s the theme of this CME, Synergy. Synergy is nothing but a conglomeration of thoughts, skills and ways of practice. A focused subject needs attention from multiple angles to take care of its multiple prongs. Specialization is of utmost importance – nobody doubts it. But, at the same time it preoccupies a professional with some limited fields and it provides a tunneled view. It forfeits the opportunity to apprehend and comprehend the system as a whole. Our concept synergy combines these two important aspects together. While the expertise of specialists joins hands together to foray into the totality of the subject in question, the outcome would be magical. The subject matter in the focus is viewed in multiple angles, then, of course the solution will be the one, final and total. Synergistic energy is manifold the multiples of individual energy.

       Today, Fetal Environment is selected as the subject in focus. It is being viewed and approached in synergistic way by Gynecologists, Pediatricians and Radiologists. The blinkers are taken off. Field of vision is utilized in full. We are going to experience the hitherto unknown fabulous result. We are of the opinion that not only Fetal Environment, but all the subjects are to be put to synergistic practice. Let this be a humble beginning from our end."